Branding Strategies

Large companies set up a Brand Book to help their employees maintain a consistent image across their marketing. This is not a difficult thing to do, but many small businesses overlook this detail.

Sample of a really simple brand tool.

Plan to use the same font each time. Maybe you want to use two different fonts, one for headings and another for text. Choose something that is easy to read for your text.

Repeat the use of certain colors in your marketing. Consumers will begin to associate your company with a particular color. Be specific with that color. There are charts for finding the exact same color each and every time. Think of the orange of Home Depot, versus the orange at Dunkin’ Donuts, or the Blue of Tiffany’s Jewelry vs. the Blue of US Postal Service. Each of these colors are specific to the brand.

Logos can be very simple. A letter in a particular font or color can be enough, but more sophisticated logos can be designed.

The upshot is, you can have a very low-cost branding that is consistent and makes a memorable impression on the public.

If you are looking for more, contact a professional. We can help you!

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